Кристаллы для ИК – волоконной оптики Александр Корсаков und Лия Жукова

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Информацию о способах оплаты и доставки Вы сможете узнать на странице магазина, после того, как перейдете по ссылке Купить Кристаллы для ИК — волоконной оптики.

Характеристики Кристаллы для ИК — волоконной оптики Язык издания:. Рекомендуем также следующие похожие товары на Кристаллы для ИК — волоконной оптики Материалы микро- и оптоэлектроники.

Учебное пособие Серия "Университеты России" позволит высшим учебным заведениям нашей страны использовать в образовательном процессе учебники и учебные пособия по различным.. Элементы волновой оптики Рассмотрен учебный материал по волновой оптике. Методы компьютерной оптики Излагаются основы компьютерного синтеза дифракционных оптических элементов ДОЭ с широкими функциональными возможностями.

Физические основы волоконной оптики В пособии приведены краткие теоретические сведения, решения типовых задач и контрольные задания по дисциплине "Физические основы волоконной оптики" The Road from Theory to Practice should rapidly bring the optical professional and engineer up to speed on this intersection of electromagnetism and solid-state physics.

It will also provide an excellent addition to any graduate course in optics. Principles of laser spectroscopy and quantum optics ISBN: Suitable for graduate students studying the interaction of optical fields with atoms, this book provides an introduction to the prototypical problems of radiation fields interacting with two- and three- level atomic systems.

The encyclopedia provides valuable reference material for those working in the field who wish to know more about a topic outside their area of expertise, as well as providing an authoritative reference source for students and researchers.

Undergraduate students should find it a useful source of material, as will teachers and lecturers. It will also be useful at the postgraduate level for summarizing a broad range of theoretical topics, for practical advice on research techniques and for insights into new ways of approaching research problems. The subjects covered include: It is also available online via ScienceDirect featuring extensive browsing, searching, and internal cross-referencing between articles in the work, plus dynamic linking to journal articles and abstract databases, making navigation flexible and easy.

It covers all the sub fields of Optical Physics as well as related fields as Engineering, which impact manufacturin and many practical applications. It is alphabetically arranged for ease of use; cross-references to aid in tracking down all aspects of a topic under investigation.

Principles of Optics is one of the classic science books of the twentieth century, and probably the most influential book in optics published in the past 40 years. The new edition is the first ever thoroughly revised and expanded edition of this standard text. Among the new material, much of which is not available in any other optics text, is a section on the CAT scan computerized axial tomography , which has revolutionized medical diagnostics.

The book also includes a new chapter on scattering from inhomogeneous media which provides a comprehensive treatment of the theory of scattering of scalar as well as of electromagnetic waves, including the Born series and the Rytov series. The chapter also presents an account of the principles of diffraction tomography - a refinement of the CAT scan - to which Emil Wolf, one of the authors, has made a basic contribution by formulating in what is generally regarded to be the basic theorem in this field.

These topics, although originally introduced in connection with the theory of X-ray diffraction by crystals, have since become of considerable relevance to optics, for example in connection with deep holograms. Когда Владимир Путин появлялся с голым торсом. Сборная России на ЧМ Кто вошел в окончательный состав национальной команды по футболу.

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